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Online Marketing Tools To Try When Starting a Business

Online Marketing Tools

 Online Marketing Tools to Boost Your Business


Introduce the importance of online marketing in today’s digital landscape. Highlight how the right tools can streamline processes, increase efficiency, and drive better results.

Section 1: SEO Tools for Enhanced Visibility

Discuss popular SEO tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-page optimization. Explain their significance in improving search engine rankings and driving organic traffic.

Section 2: Social Media Management Platforms

Detail the benefits of social media management tools in scheduling posts, analyzing engagement, and managing multiple platforms. Showcase their role in building a strong online presence and fostering audience interaction.

Section 3: Email Marketing Platforms for Effective Communication

Explore the capabilities of email marketing tools, emphasizing their role in creating personalized campaigns, automation, and measuring campaign performance.

Section 4: Content Creation and Curation Tools

Highlight the significance of content creation tools in crafting compelling and shareable content. Discuss how these tools aid in visual design, content ideation, and optimization.

Section 5: Analytics and Reporting Solutions

Explain the importance of analytics tools in tracking website traffic, campaign performance, and audience behavior. Discuss how data-driven decisions can optimize marketing strategies.

Section 6: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management Tools

Detail the benefits of PPC management tools in optimizing ad spend, keyword targeting, and monitoring ad performance for better ROI.

Section 7: Marketing Automation Platforms

Discuss how marketing automation tools streamline repetitive tasks, nurture leads, and personalize customer interactions, enhancing overall efficiency.

Section 8: CRM Integration Tools for Enhanced Customer Relationships

Explore the advantages of integrating CRM tools with marketing efforts, emphasizing how centralized customer data can improve customer relationships and marketing strategies.

Section 9: E-commerce Solutions for Online Retail

Detail e-commerce tools’ significance, focusing on cart abandonment solutions, product recommendations, and enhancing the online shopping experience.

Section 10: Customer Support and Engagement Tools

Explain how customer support tools like live chat, chatbots, and ticketing systems improve customer service and engagement.


Summarize the importance of leveraging these online marketing tools to stay competitive in the digital landscape. Encourage readers to explore and integrate these tools to achieve marketing success.

Call to Action:

Encourage readers to share their favorite tools or experiences with online marketing tools in the comments. Provide a link to a resource or your tool recommendations for further exploration.

Remember to pepper in examples, case studies, and practical tips throughout the blog to make it engaging and actionable for your audience

Online Marketing Tools To Try When Starting a Business

Starting a side hustle, or any business at that, was always considered a daunting experience. The amount of time, manual effort, personnel, and money needed could throw off even the most experienced entrepreneur. That’s where online marketing tools come in.

The amount of marketing software that exist today can not only cut the time needed for setting up and running a new online business to a fraction, the automation can also reduce any sort of manual involvement needed on every day tasks like publishing on social media. This means that you’ll have more time to focus on the things that will help you generate traffic, leads, and sales, rather than wasting time organizing and worrying about everything on your own.

All-Inclusive Marketing Tools


For us, this is one of those online marketing tools that serves as a Swiss Army Knife for us. It perfectly complements almost every other software tool on this list, and can provide very powerful competitive insight.

With SEMrush you’ll be able to gather information on:

  • Your traffic and its sources
  • The amount and quality of keywords you’re ranking for
  • The number and quality of backlinks you’re receiving
  • How your position has changed throughout time
  • …and much more!

What makes things even better, is that you can see all of this information for your competitors as well. You can even create customized projects, where you can dissect your competitors’ social, organic, and paid tactics, see where they are excelling (or lacking) and learn from their mistakes and success.

This business tool can also massively increase your efficiency by allowing you to see which keywords work best for attracting your audience, and how they’re being used by sites that are ranked on page 1 of Google, using a very powerful app called the SEO Content Template.


Plutio is another great tool for new business owners, freelancers, and side hustlers. Primarily a project management tool, Plutio can also double as a personal CRM.

Plutio helps you create, monitor, edit, and complete daily tasks, or larger scale projects, while also allowing you to manage your leads and customers all in one application that can be accessed via both web and mobile.

Another significant bump to your efficiency comes from Plutio’s ease of integration. With just one button you can connect current apps and use them through this tool, without needing to jumping between apps and waste valuable time.

Plutio ‘s online marketing tools are easily customizable and are made to adapt to your way of working. Having all you need gathered in one place means that you have immediate access to data that will tell you how your business is currently performing, and what you can do to accelerate your growth.

All their pricing, features, and special offers can be found on their website. If you’re interested in giving Plutio a test run, they also offer a free trial.

 Agora Pulse

Their logo “Social Media Management Simplified”; describes this business tool well. Agora Pulse is one of the most affordable, comprehensive, and easy to use social management platforms out there. Supporting all major social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, this tool will allow you to easily manage and schedule your social media posts, and more importantly it will help you monitor the performance of all your activities via analytical reports you can download.

In addition to greatly enhancing the efficiency of your daily social strategy, Agora Pulse also offers a variety of apps that can help you build follower engagement, something which is much needed, especially if you’re just starting out


Missinglettr is one of those online marketing tools that exists to make your business a bit more efficient, saving you time and effort. It constantly monitors your blog, and once it detects a new piece of content, it will automatically create and send you a social marketing campaign, specifically designed for that particular post. From there you can either approve it, and the tool takes care of the rest, or deny it, making the tool come up with something else to fit your liking.


Bluehost is among the most affordable hosting platforms available online. It is easy to use, and offers a plethora of plans that will suit your every need as an up-and-coming side hustler. Combined with WordPress, the two online marketing tools are a must pick if you’re planning on setting up a new site fast and easy.

If you have some insecurities with hosting, Bluehost also has you covered with 24/7 customer support. Here you can ask questions regarding customization and troubleshooting, and ensure everything is running smoothly. is an excellent business tool that allows you to easily create professional looking lead magnets in less than 10 minutes. The best part? You don’t even need to have any design experience to do so. allows you to convert your content pieces into stylish ebooks automatically, which you could then use in your lead generation campaign. The tool allows you to use a plethora of themes and templates which will allow you to customize and personalize your offer exactly the way you like it. All you have to do is edit the settings on the left editorial panel.

While you can create all sorts of offers, such as checklists, how-to’s, etc. excels in creating ebooks. Here, just add the articles you want to include, and through the tool you can add cover pages, summary pages, author bio pages, add new headers, new colors, images, and everything else needed to create a fully customized and professional offer.

 Google Analytics

If there was ever an all inclusive monitoring and analytics tool, this is it. Google Analytics is among the most versatile and customizable online marketing tools available to you, and more importantly it’s free. This means it saves you time (by allowing you to see all analytical information on one page) and money, making it ideal for a side hustle business owner, such as yourself.

This business tool provides information on how visitors find your site by source, page, time frame, device, and more. It allows you to see how your audience uses your website/blog, which pages get the most attention, and where they spend most of their time while browsing through your content. This is extremely valuable, as you will be able to understand what type of content drives traffic, if you’re getting the right traffic to the right pages, and if your pages need to be further optimized to achieve your objectives.

With Google Analytics you can also get insight on visitor segmentation. This means that, you will be able to determine if your current actions are attracting new visitors, if you are getting returning visitors, and where your audience is coming from (geographic location, referrals, etc).

Finally, this tool will help you track conversions and sales across existing ads, determine the performance of each individual page or blog post, measure the success of ongoing social media programs, and ultimately help you create better optimized and more accurately targeted content to generate potential leads

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